AUTUMN | seasonal wellness notes



    A U T U M N   
 E Q U I N O X

The days are growing shorter and the golden sun moves lower in the sky. The temperatures cool and nature draws inward. Autumn is a time of fruition; of seeds, ripe fruits and gathering the harvest abundance. This Equinox signals a shift towards a more reflective season, a time to create space and give pause to see all that we have created since Spring. Through these moments of introspection, we can notice that our bodies are asking for different nutrients, cycles of sleep, and wellness rituals. Here are some self care reminders for seasonal wellbeing, a short list of what has been inspiring me lately and practices that will strengthen the body and help to deflect illness and imbalance as we move into the colder months ahead.

Herbal Infusions Enjoy a daily tea ritual, take time to notice the aroma and subtle flavor as the leaves steep and evolve in potency. Herbal infusions are a beautiful way to build resilience and soak up the deep nourishment of tonic herbs. 

Use your Hearth Eat less raw foods as the weather cools and enjoy slow roasting, steaming and baking your food instead. Include warming aromatic herbs and spices with your nourishing soups and stews. 


Foods & Herbs to Include in Autumn Dark leafy greens, winter squash, cabbage, shitake, sweet potatoes, root vegetables, leeks, hot peppers, ghee, fermented vegetables, seaweed, apples, persimmon, pear, rosehips, mullein, thyme, astragalus, elderberry, coriander, fennel, garlic, horseradish, burdock, cinnamon, and ginger.

Drink Broth Comforting, nutrient dense and full of immune building properties, make your own recipe or enjoy this convenience. Bone broth does wonders for balancing and maintaining beautiful skin as well as supporting the digestive system, it is truly essential for keeping that healthy glow. 


Enjoy Mushrooms The rain has come back in the Pacific NW and there are mushrooms popping up in the forests here on Orcas Island. Some are edible; some are medicinal and some are just beautiful. Medicinal mushrooms hold many complex healing properties that support overall well-being and energy. Including tonic mushrooms like chaga and reishi into your daily routines now will help build your immunity so you aren't as likely to get winter colds and flu. There are many beautiful sources for making your own brew or taking capsules but for those of you who want a tasty and convenient option, this company is great

Dry Brushing The skin is our largest organ and giving it extra attention and love will help keep it supple and nourished. Try dry brushing before you bathe, this helps to increase circulation, jump-starts the lymphatic system,  which in turn helps the body to detoxify.  It also removes dead skin cells to reveal beautiful soft skin that will absorb oil and hydration more readily.  I like these simple brushes but copper ones provide added energy. Try adding a drop or two of an essential oil to the brush (I love rosemary).  Start at your feet and work your way up the body with small brisk strokes, always towards the heart.  

Cold Water Therapy I encourage you to try a cold shower (or at least for part of your shower). It can take a bit of time to get used to but it is so invigorating. There are many benefits to cold therapy, including increased circulation, mental clarity, and overall well-being. I have started to cold plunge in the Salish Sea (yes it took some time to acclimate!) but I'm amazed at how good my body feels after the cold and now I truly look forward to it.


Oil Massage as Self-Love Practice After bathing, keep your skin moisturized and smooth with our Hydrating Body Oil. Scented with Rose and Cedar, this blend is grounding and full of luxurious botanicals.  Take some extra minutes to gently massage the oil into your skin, use long strokes always towards the heart and touch your body with kindness and love. Our skin directly absorbs what we put on it right into our bloodstream, there is no filtration and it is a powerful delivery system for healing botanical ingredients (this is also important to remember when we are exposed to ingredients and products that are not so wholesome and nourishing).

Breathe consider how often you consciously breathe? Developing a simple breathwork practice can shift so much, from strengthening your lungs, truly oxygenating the body to moving emotional energy, calming the nervous system and creating more clarity and vitality. This woman does amazing work and offers simple stress-relieving practices.


Sleep is Medicine truly! It's our very own amazing built-in detox and repair system. Our body does so much healing and renewing during our sleep, take some time to think about how you can create this transition most successfully so you are setting yourself up for a deep full rest. Try creating a proper wind-down ritual, whether it is a cup of calming tea, taking a soak in the bath,  lighting beeswax candles,  or some gentle stretching and meditation. Take a digital break in the evening, leave phones and computers out of the bedroom and try turning them off a few hours before you are getting ready for sleep. Use our Dream aromatherapy oil to help you transition from the busyness of the day to a time of rest and renewal. Aromatherapy is an easy and powerful tool to quickly shift your energy, this blend is calming as well.  All these little rituals will start to signal to your body it's time to sleep. 


Be well and Happy Autumn,